What happened to Andy Hillstrand in “Deadliest Catch”? (2023)

It’s not easy to keep a loyal audience for over a decade, but somehow “Deadliest Catch” accomplished it. From its premiere in 2005, the show caught the attention of people of all ages, who have been unable to take their eyes away from all the drama and dangerous situations that these fishermen face on a daily basis.

That being, it’s not only the sometimes-unfortunate events which make “Deadliest Catch” an engaging show. It all comes down to its unforgettable cast and their heartfelt stories, to make “Deadliest Catch” truly memorable.

That being said, it’s undeniable that a huge part of the audience misses seeing some fishermen in the show, such is the case of the Time Bandit’s co-Captain Andy Hillstrand, whose disappearance from the show in recent seasons had many of his fans worried.

So whatever happened to him? Is he still in crab fishing or is he working elsewhere? And what happened to the Time Bandit and his family’s business? Stay with us to discover it!


  • 1 What Happened To Andy Hillstrand?
  • 2 Why Was Josh Harris On The Time Bandit?
  • 3 Why Did Andy Leave The Show?
  • 4 What Exactly Happened To The Time Bandit?
  • 5 Why Wasn’t The Time Bandit Sold?
  • 6 Why Was Johnathan In The Saga?
  • 7 Discovery Lawsuit
  • 8 What Did The Hillstrands Have To Say?
  • 9 What Other Businesses Do They Have?
  • 10 The Firework Lawsuit

What Happened To Andy Hillstrand?

Any keen fan of “Deadliest Catch” knows Andy and Johnathan Hillstrand, long-time Captains and owners of the fishing vessel Time Bandit. Though the brothers announced their exit from the show back in the 13th season, in 2020 Johnathan surprisingly reappeared in it, but his brother was nowhere in sight as the season progressed.

Unbeknownst to many, Andy was actually meant to reappear in the show for the 17th season aired in 2021, but fell sick with COVID-19 when the show was filming. Not only this deterred him from making his long-awaited TV return, but also pushed his brother Johnathan to find another co-captain to cover Andy’s spot.

While Andy unfortunately didn’t appear in the whole season, in February 2022, he made an appearance in that year’s Annual Maine Fishermen’s Forum event to raise awareness about climate change. Though it’s uncertain if he’ll return for the upcoming “Deadliest Catch” seasons, it’s relieving to see he’s doing well nowadays.

Why Was Josh Harris On The Time Bandit?

While TV producers usually tweak a thing or two in a show to make it more interesting, these changes could sometimes be so drastic or unexpected that viewers can’t help but feel confused by them.

(Video) What Really Happened to Andy Hillstrand From Deadliest Catch

For those who haven’t been carefully watching “Deadliest Catch” in the last two seasons, it was incredibly shocking to see Josh Harris on board the Time Bandit. However, this unforeseen turn of events was to cover Andy Hillstrand while he was on sick leave, as the show filmed its 17th season in 2021.

Although having Josh aboard the Time Bandit might have seemed unexpected, given that he’s already Cornelia Marie’s Captain, this makes sense considering Josh and Johnathan’s long-lasting friendship. As it happens, in 2011 Josh worked under Johnathan’s guidance following his father Phil Harris’ death. The time spent on the Time Bandit not only taught Josh valuable lessons both in fishing and in life, but also grew into a strong camaraderie.

As Josh told TV Shows Ace in 2020, he sees Johnathan as ‘brother slash second dysfunctional father’, whom he respects greatly along with the Time Bandit’s crew: ‘they were my family, in a sense, that took me in. I love those guys’. Knowing this, it’s less surprising that Josh willingly took Andy’s Co-captain place, even if it was for a short while.

Why Did Andy Leave The Show?

While it’s still uncertain if Andy Hillstrand will reappear in “Deadliest Catch” following the Time Bandit’s return in the 17th season, the reason he left the show back in 2017 is still unclear for many people.

As it happens, in 2018 Andy and Johnathan announced their hiatus from the crab fishing business, due to the Time Bandit having no favorable conditions to keep roaming the waters of the Bering Sea for the show’s 14th season. The incident was incredibly unfortunate for Andy and Johnathan, who had dedicated half of their lives to their boat: ‘This is the first time in 38 years I’m going to miss a Bering Sea King crab season’, wrote Johnathan on Twitter.

Though a couple of weeks later Johnathan informed his fans that the Time Bandit had been repaired and left in the hands of Eddie Uwekoolani for a short while, the ship didn’t return to “Deadliest Catch” the next year. Instead, it was put up for sale for over $2 million, instantly putting an end to any hope their followers might have had of seeing them return to the show. That’s why no one really expected the Time Bandit to make its return to the series in 2021.

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What Exactly Happened To The Time Bandit?

Unlike other ships featured in “Deadliest Catch”, the Time Bandit isn’t as old as you might think. It was actually built in 1991 following the design of John Hillstrand, who wanted an ideal crab boat to ensure his family’s future.

Built in Oregon by Giddings Boat Works, the Time Bandit offers its crew many comfortable facilities, such as a sauna and queen-size beds. At the same time, the Time Bandit’s 113 ft of length and 175,000 pounds capacity for crab, makes it a vessel fitting for the most difficult fishing seasons.

However, despite how good of a ship the Time Bandit is, nothing could have prepared the Hillstrands for the sudden and inexplicable main engine explosion it suffered in 2018. Although they didn’t know many details about it, the issue was enough to deter them from joining the 14th season of “Deadliest Catch”, and the fishing season altogether.

In 2019, the brothers put the ship on sale for $2,888,888 on the Dock Street Brokers site, though the price was lowered in the following months for reasons unknown, to ultimately taking it off the website in 2020.

Why Wasn’t The Time Bandit Sold?

Although it’s assumed the Hillstrands didn’t sell the Time Bandit after supposedly affording its repair on their own, other theories point out different reasons.

As it happens, Andy and Johnathan’s younger brother Neal has faced some difficult legal issues in recent years. Back in late 2018, he filed for divorce from his now-former wife Sugayle Marie Hillstrand, obtaining their formerly-shared $340,000 home along with several cars, as court documents state.

What happened to Andy Hillstrand in “Deadliest Catch”? (1)

Though Sugayle got a couple of cars they bought during their time together, it was determined she would also get monetary compensation from the Time Bandit’s sale, of which Neal owns one third.

Though the divorce agreement didn’t obligate the Hillstrands to sell their boat, many people have theorized it could have deterred the brothers from ultimately selling it.

Why Was Johnathan In The Saga?

Much to the joy of “Deadliest Catch” fans, Johnathan Hillstrand returned to the show in 2020 after three seasons away. Though his comeback was undeniably good news for the audience, people were flabbergasted to not find the Time Bandit nor his brother Andy on sight.

However, Johnathan’s presence is easily explained; as it happens, by the time he returned to the show in the 16th season, the Time Bandit was apparently still waiting repair, but his wish to return to fishing crab was stronger than that. That’s why Johnathan ended up joining the crew of the Saga, captained by Jake Anderson.

(Video) What Actually Happened to Andy Hillstrand From Deadliest Catch

As Johnathan told Stuff in 2020, Discovery initially offered him a return to the show on board the Cape Caution, under the command of Bill Wichrowski, which Johnathan absolutely refused: ‘No, you couldn’t give me enough money to go out with Wild Bill, so I went out with Jake Anderson’.

Although boarding the Saga was the right choice, Johnathan also admitted his time there was enduring given the gruesome weather conditions he faced there, which were apparently the worst he’d seen in decades: ‘Never done that before in a boat. Jake Anderson, I love him dearly, but oh my God, I was tested’.

Regardless of the difficulties, Johnathan’s return to “Deadliest Catch” was successful, to say the least.

Discovery Lawsuit

If you’re a recent fan of “Deadliest Catch”, then you probably don’t know that Andy, Johnathan and Sig Hansen once had their own monster hunting TV show.

Premiered in 2011, the special episode “Hillstranded” featured these captains as they navigated the Alaskan seas looking for the most famous and feared monsters which supposedly live under there.

However, no matter how exciting the show’s concept might sound, it’s one of those projects which brings back mostly bad memories to everyone involved with it. The show’s first part was filmed in June 2010, but the second part was apparently impossible to film in August, due to the brother’s choice, or at least that’s what Discovery claimed in the $3 million lawsuit they filed in October that year for breach in contract, as the Hollywood Reporter advised.

According to Discovery, the Hillstrand’s inability to fulfill their responsibilities with “Hillstranded” resulted in millions in losses. That being said, the lack of further information regarding the lawsuit, as well as the eventual release of the show the following year, point to the case was most-likely being resolved out-of-court.

Posted by Deadliest Catch onMonday, June 21, 2021

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What Did The Hillstrands Have To Say?

Although nowadays this lawsuit is water under the bridge, back in 2010 the issue was scandalous, given the connection between the Hillstrands and Discovery at the time.

As Andy explained to Entertainment Weekly, the miscommunication with Discovery was the cause of their legal issues, as he, Jonathan and Sig Hansen had initially thought Discovery had completely filmed the show in June 2010, but were surprised to be called again a couple of months later for more filming: ‘our schedule was pretty much screwed. It got to the point in our relationship where something had to change, and we just said enough’s enough’.

Despite their apparent boldness regarding the issue, it was evident that the Hillstrands and Captain Hansen were troubled by the situation. Not only were they warned to speak about it with their fellow “Deadliest Catch” co-stars, but were worried about how it would affect everyone involved: ‘Emotionally, it was hell. We didn’t want to be sued. We didn’t want all the fans hating Discovery’, as Johnathan affirmed.

What happened to Andy Hillstrand in “Deadliest Catch”? (7)

At some point, the Captain’s spot in “Deadliest Catch” was threatened by the legal battle they were fighting off-screen, but after sorting things out, they were eventually signed to appear in the show’s future seasons.

What Other Businesses Do They Have?

Unbeknownst to many, the Hillstrand family own several businesses besides their highly profitable stint in crab fishing. For starters, their Hillstrand Construction company seems to be growing steadily. With over 5,000 followers on social media, this small family company is managed by Scott Hillstrand, who’s Johnathan’s son and who appeared in early seasons of “Deadliest Catch”.

That being said, Hillstrand Fireworks is definitely the most prolific out of all the Hillstrands side businesses, a fact which makes the brothers quite proud.

As stated on their shop’s website, the brothers’ mission with this business was to provide an economic and safe alternative to minor firework vendors, steadily becoming a prominent distributor with over 35 years on the market.

For his part, Johnathan recently released “Adventures Of Little Bird”, a kids book series he started while in hospital after suffering a ranch accident. His work achieved such wide success that he’s already hosted several book signing sessions all around the country. As well, Andy and his wife Sabrina own Hobby Horse Acres, a recreational horse-riding center located on his family’s ranch in Indiana.

The Firework Lawsuit

Accidents happen in every industry and it’s no different in crab fishing. That being said, an unfortunate incident involving the Hillstrand brothers and a Time Bandit fisherman resulted in not only a serious legal issue for the family, but destroyed someone’s career.

David “Beaver” Zielinski was a deckhand on the Time Bandit, but during 2013’s fishing season he was ordered to aim a Hillstrand Fireworks’ firecracker towards the Cape Caution vessel. However, the artifact exploded in his hand, and left him with severe injuries and burns, ‘shattering’ his limb.

After undergoing several reconstructive surgical procedures, Zielinski recovered part of his arm, but was unable to return to fishing. That’s why in 2015 he filed a lawsuit against the Hillstrand brothers, claiming that not only were their fireworks unsafe, but also that Johnathan had acted negligently about the issue, in addition to asking Zielinski to affirm his injury was caused by a fishing accident, and not by the fireworks.

(Video) What happened to Andy Hillstrand on Deadliest Catch? Why did he leave the show?

Zielinski was ultimately awarded $1.4 million in damages, putting an end to this long and enduring legal battle. However, this is one of those situations in which not even the fame and money could have helped the Hillstrand brothers. Though it’s over now, we hope the future doesn’t have other similar problems in store for the Time Bandit and its crew.


Why did Andy Hillstrand quit Deadliest Catch? ›

During a candid chat with Entertainment Weekly, Andy divulged that the circumstances of working on Deadliest Catch were far from ideal. As he recalls it, scheduling issues and conflicting brand ideologies caused his relationship with the producers to sour. Over time, the circumstances led him to leave the show.

Who owns Time Bandit now? ›

The F/V Time Bandit is a commercial crab fishing vessel co‑ by brothers Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand. It is featured on the Discovery Channel series Deadliest Catch. The Time Bandit is a 113-foot house aft boat owned by the Hillstrand brothers that was designed by the Hillstrands' father.

What happened to Jonathan Hillstrand? ›

After a lengthy and successful crab fishing career, Jonathan Hillstrand retired from life at sea and from Discovery's "Deadliest Catch" after Season 13.

How much sleep do they get on Deadliest Catch? ›

“That's something that was a little bit surprising as you are operating on normally about four hours [of sleep] a day in a 24-hour period,” said series director of photography David Reichert, who had been on “Deadliest Catch” for seven seasons. “That starts to add up, and there can even be longer runs in there.

What percentage of the Cornelia Marie does Josh own? ›

(Jake and Josh) only own 25 percent of the boat, Cornelia (Marie Devlin) owns 75 percent. The Coast Guard has a zero-tolerance policy. Having drugs on the boat is against the law. I have a captain's license.

What boat is Wild Bill's son on? ›

Zack Larson is now the captain of the F/V Elinore J. Throughout his tenure on Deadliest Catch, much of the focus on Zack was regarding his relationship with his father, “Wild” Bill Wichrowski.

Did the Time Bandit sink? ›

March 3, 2014 at 1:52 p.m. Time ran out Friday night for the pirate ship Time Bandit, which sunk in 12 feet of water on the south shore of Big Bear Lake as a storm blew through the mountain area.

Which boat sank on Deadliest Catch? ›

It was F/V Big Valley's captain, Gary Edwards, who demonstrated the EPIRB for the show. The boat was also part of the pilot episode of Deadliest Catch in 2004. There were no known cameras or production crew on board the boat when it sank in 2005.

Why was the king crab season Cancelled? ›

Low stocks have prompted the U.S. state of Alaska to cancel the red king crab fishery in Alaska's Bering Sea for the winter 2021-2022 season.

Why did Matt move to the saga? ›

Matt had to support his family and Jake Anderson offered him a spot on the SAGA and Matt took it . That says a lot when it comes to Jake he truly cares about his Family and Matt is part of it.

What happened to Mike from Time Bandit? ›

One featured ship, the Time Bandit, captained by brothers Andy and Jonathan Hillstrand, has ties to Lewis County. Former Ship Engineer Mike Fourtner calls Lewis County home. After living in Napavine for 10 years, he and his family are currently building a house in Adna. “It is a special world,” Fourtner says.

What happened to Sig Hansen's brother? ›

He was given a suspended 364-day sentence, meaning he served no jail time. Instead, he received two years of probation and had to pay fines totaling more than $6,000. In addition, he had to go through an evaluation for sexual deviancy and give a DNA sample to the police.

What do they do with dead loss crab? ›

When a boat has dead-loss – the dead crab is piled onto the deck (usually in the totes). When the boat is finished at the processor the boat will drive back out into open ocean a set number of miles, and then dump the crab overboard.

Where does the camera crew stay on Deadliest Catch? ›

At the beginning of every season, the entire Deadliest Catch camera crew gathers in Dutch Harbor, homeport of the fleet, and they go through a concentrated film school before they get on their assigned boats.

How much does a deckhand make on Deadliest Catch? ›

“For crab seasons, deckhands can typically make anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000 for a couple months of work,” Kenny said. Gary added, “My guys this year, I think for 6 weeks...they made $30,000.” Not a bad haul, when you consider the short time period that encompasses.

Why is Josh no longer on the Cornelia Marie? ›

DEADLIEST Catch star Josh Harris has been fired from the Discovery show after it was discovered he sexually assaulted a four-year-old girl in 1998.

Does Jake own the saga? ›

Jakob Anderson (born September 16, 1980) is an American fishing captain and co-owner of the fishing vessel FV Saga.

Who currently owns the Cornelia Marie? ›

Currently owned by Casey McManus, Kari Toivola, Roger Thomas and Josh Harris.

Does Wild Bill own his boat? ›

Wild Bill, a Navy veteran, is the skipper of the F/V Summer Bay, a fishing vessel built in 1981. It was the first ship he purchased for himself after years of manning crabbing boats.

Who owns the fishing vessel Eleanor J? ›

The Dwyer family is the proud owner of the F/V Jennifer A, the Brenna A, and the Elinore J.

How did Wild Bill react to Nick's death? ›

Bill was visibly touched on the episode to see that every other boat in the fleet showed up to pay their respects to their departed co-star. "I lost a trusted friend, an outstanding employee, and a brother in life," Wichrowski said over the radio. "We're gonna say goodbye to Nick McGlashan, but he'll always be with us.

Did Dave sue the Time Bandit? ›

A crab fisherman featured on “Deadliest Catch” after his hand was shattered by an exploding firework has sued his former employers, claiming they're to blame for his injury. David “Beaver” Zielinski was working as a deckhand aboard the Time Bandit in January 2013 when a mortar-style firework blew up in his hand.

What is the Time Bandit boat doing now? ›

The current position of TIME BANDIT is at North East Atlantic Ocean reported 18 hours ago by AIS.

Who owns Time Bandit fireworks? ›

While owning and operating a successful commercial fishing operation is certainly a full-time job, Andy and his brother Johnathan also manage to find time for other business ventures including Time Bandit Fireworks, Time Bandit Spirits, Time Bandit Productions and Time Bandit Entertainment.

Who has the biggest boat on the fleet of Deadliest Catch? ›

The biggest crab boat on Deadliest Catch is Fierce Allegiance at 166 feet (or 50.6 meters long) from season 1. It is closely followed in size by Wizard (156 feet), Southern Wind (148 feet), Lady Alaska (138 feet), and Trailblazer (133 feet).

Who on Deadliest Catch owns the boat? ›

To date the Northwestern is the only vessel to have featured on all 18 seasons of Deadliest Catch as well as the pilot series America's Deadliest Season. The vessel is owned and operated by the Hansen family of the state of Washington with Sig Hansen serving as the vessel's primary captain.

Was the Scandies rose ever found? ›

Nearly 3 years after deadly sinking, debris from the Scandies Rose finds its way to a family in Kodiak.

Where did the 11 billion crabs go? ›

A survey of the population revealed thousands of tons of crabs, more than eleven billion animals estimates had said were on the Pacific Ocean floor, simply weren't there. The reason for their absence is a mystery, with many possible explanations — disease, migration, cannibalism and more.

How much is a 10 lb box of king crab legs at Costco? ›

Costco's Red King Crab Legs sell for $549.99 online for a 10 lb. box that includes 16-22 crab legs.

Why have king crab legs gone up? ›

Arnie Dzelzkalns, the head seafood buyer at online retailer Crowd Cow, says the reason for the higher prices is simple: supply and demand. “This past year, there was a moratorium. The season was closed completely because stock levels were too low,” he tells CNBC Make It.

How did Jake end up with the saga? ›

Jake got his break in 2015, when he was offered the captain's chair on F/V Saga. Just two days after the birth of his first son, Aiden, Jake took command of the wheelhouse of the Saga and led the crew through a challenging—but successful—Opie season.

Why did Elliot leave the saga? ›

That said, the abrupt nature of Neese's exit in Season 11 left some viewers feeling confused. It was later revealed that the former captain had addiction problems and had entered a rehab facility to get the help he needed (per Outsider).

Is Sig Hansen's wife OK? ›

Who was the captain of Time Bandit that died? ›

Phil Harris (fisherman)
Phil Harris
Harris and long time crewman Murray Gamrath in the early 90s.
BornPhillip Charles HarrisDecember 19, 1956 Bothell, Washington, United States
DiedFebruary 9, 2010 (aged 53) Anchorage, Alaska, United States
Other namesSkipper, Captain
3 more rows

What happened to Justin on the Time Bandit? ›

Justin Tennison, a deckhand on Deadliest Catch's Time Bandit, was found dead in a Homer, Alaska, hotel room on Feb. 22, 2011 — four days after he returned from the sea. He was 33. Autopsy results reportedly revealed that his death was due to complications related to sleep apnea.

Who was the captain of Ramblin Rose? ›

Capt. Elliott Neese was just 28 years old when he took the helm of Ramblin' Rose, and he quickly became one of the show's most controversial characters.

What happened to Jake Hansen? ›

Hansen signed with the Houston Texans as an undrafted free agent on May 13, 2022.

Did Sig Hansen's daughter have her baby yet? ›

Mandy Hansen and husband Clark Pederson welcomed baby Sailor in November 2021. Angela Andaloro is a Parents News Writer at PEOPLE. Angela has also written about entertainment and parenting at LittleThings, Mom.com, BuzzFeed, and more.

Does Sig Hansen have a biological daughter? ›

Hansen has two adopted daughters, Nina and Mandy, with his wife, June and lives in Seattle. Hansen has a grandson, Jackson, from Nina, as well as a granddaughter, Sailor Marie, from Mandy. He also has a biological daughter, Melissa, from a previous marriage.

Why did Johnathan Hillstrand leave the Time Bandit? ›

Over the course of the series, the Time Bandit almost became a character in itself – it even has its own Wikipedia page – but Hillstrand says the costs and the red tape associated with running the boat became too prohibitive. So in this season of Deadliest Catch, he is out fishing with Jake Anderson on his boat, Saga.

What does Andy Hillstrand do now? ›

One of the few insights into Hillstrand's life after "Deadliest Catch" is through the official website for ClearSpan, a company that constructs large, open buildings. Among their clients is Hobby Horse Acres, a 17-acre ranch in Chandler, Indiana owned by Hillstrand and his wife.

What are the Hillstrand brothers doing now? ›

Well, according to The Cinemaholic, Hillstrand is enjoying a retirement away from fame, cameras, and the frigid cold. He's far away from Alaska these days, living in Indiana with his family. Hillstrand first appeared on people's television screens during Season Two of “Deadliest Catch” with his brother Johnathan.

Does Jonathan Hillstrand have kids? ›

Who owns Saga crab boat? ›

Jakob Anderson (born September 16, 1980) is an American fishing captain and co-owner of the fishing vessel FV Saga. Since 2007, Anderson has been featured in the Discovery Channel documentary television series Deadliest Catch.

What is the oldest boat on Deadliest Catch? ›

The F/V Northwestern, a western rigged boat, was constructed in 1977 at Marco Shipyards in Seattle, Washington for the sole purpose of fishing King and Tanner Crab off of the coast of Alaska. It was christened F/V Northwestern on 1977 November 5 by Snefryd Hansen, the wife of then-owner and captain Sverre Hansen.

How much is the boat the Time Bandit worth? ›

'Deadliest Catch' Time Bandit's for Sale for $2.88 Mil

The Time Bandit -- which debuted on the hit Discovery show in season 2 -- has hit the market for a whopping $2,888,888 million.

Is the Time Bandit still running? ›

We're heartbroken that the Hillstrand brothers have chosen to part ways with their beloved family boat—and that this means Time Bandit's Deadliest Catch stint has officially run its course.

What happened to Mike Fourtner from the Time Bandit? ›

One featured ship, the Time Bandit, captained by brothers Andy and Jonathan Hillstrand, has ties to Lewis County. Former Ship Engineer Mike Fourtner calls Lewis County home. After living in Napavine for 10 years, he and his family are currently building a house in Adna.

How much does king crab quota cost? ›

A fisherman or boat owner would have to pay between $28-30 per pound for King crab quota, $9-10 for opilio, and $12 for Tanner crab.

Who owns Hillstrand Construction? ›

We always leave our customers happy with the finished project. Meet the Business Owner: Scott H. Scott is a well rounded individual who when he puts his mind to something he completes it. He decided he needed a new career and opened Hillstrand Construction.

How many children does Neal Hillstrand have? ›

Neal Hillstrand is married to Sugayle Marie. They have three children.

How much is Captain Wild Bill worth? ›

Bill Wichrowski net worth: Bill Wichrowski is a commercial fisherman and reality television star who has a net worth of $3 million. "Wild" Bill Wichrowski earned his net worth from his work as a commercial fisherman and for his role on the documentary/reality television series Deadliest Catch.

How old is sig from Deadliest Catch? ›

Who is the woman on Time Bandit? ›

Although he retired a few years back, the F/V Time Bandit captain made a big change to his life. John got married to his wife Heather Hillstrand.


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