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Before writing this review I did a quick Thrive Causemetics review of their mascara, but since then I have tried several products from Thrive Causemetics and wanted to share my thoughts.

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For those unfamiliar with Thrive Causemetics (which is impressive because each time I open Facebook or Instagram I see an ad for the brand), it is a beauty brand that is vegan, cruelty-free, free of parabens, and sulfates, and that gives back with every purchase.

Also do know that at the time of writing this, Thrive Causemetics does not have an affiliate program. I purchased all items with my own money and make no profit from writing this or you making any purchases from the brand.

I had seen all the ads for Thrive Causemetics, but the reason I finally tried the brand was because of you, WO2 readers. So many of you asked about the brand or raved about their products I HAD to try it! I started with their mascara, called Liquid Lash Extensions. Because I liked it so much, I ordered several other products.Below is my Thrive Causemetics review:

Thrive Causemetics Review of the Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara

A few years ago I started noticing that no matter what I did, my mascara would smudge under my eyes. I was complaining about this in the bathroom at a concert and another woman said it's because as we age we lose fullness under our eyes which affects how our lashes lie, causing the smudging.

I found waterproof mascara took care of it, but waterproof mascara was causing my lashes to get brittle and occasionally break. Doing research, I learned about tubing mascara and tried several brands. The one I found to give me the best length, volume, and impact was Thrive Causemetics.

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If you read my review and bought a tube and didn't like it… you're not alone. The mascara is thick, and your first couple of uses may make you look like Tammy Faye. Try wiping the wand a bit before application. After a few uses, maybe due to air getting into the tube, the product becomes utterly amazing. Seriously, my lashes get compliments from strangers this stuff is so good. No smudging, no flaking, no brittle lashes. Thrive Causemetics mascara is amazing… until it's not.

After 6-9 weeks, the mascara stops being amazing and becomes ordinary. And then it becomes clumpy and flaky and gross. And it happens so gradually you wonder if that month of awesomeness was a fluke. But it's not. Last week I got my second tube of Liquid Lash Extensions and I am back to having fabulous lashes that are garnering compliments from strangers!

Thrive Causemetics Review of the Buildable Blur CC Cream SPF 35

When I ran out of my current foundation, I decided to try Thrive Causemetics. Lower price, higher SPF, and far more ethical sounded like a much better option. I ordered guessing the color I needed and I chose one far too pale. No worries, I went to the site to start an exchange, was able to return the wrong color for free and received the correct color before they even received my return!

This is not a tinted moisturizer, it's thicker, a consistency like a thick foundation but not quite as opaque. One light pump is enough for my face; I pump it on the back of my hand, tap my finger into it and tap dots all over my face, and then blend with a synthetic brush.

If I desire more coverage, I'll apply to those areas with my fingers or a Beauty Blender. One light pump gives coverage while still letting your skin show through. Add more, it won't get cakey, it will just provide a more opaque finish.

Thrive Causemetics Review: What Are The Best Products? - Wardrobe Oxygen (3)

I have pretty normal skin; it can be dry on the cheeks and along the jaw and get oily in the t-zone. I find the Thrive Causemetics CC Cream is a good match for my skin, not getting flaky or slipping away. It seems to sit on the skin better than a lot of foundations; it doesn't emphasize my pores nor does it disappear over the day. I do set it with a small brush and Fenty powder under the eyes to prevent creasing, and around and on the nose to keep it from slipping away or looking greasy.

The packaging is a tube with a pump and an opaque silver lid. Sturdy, the cap stays in place when shoved at the bottom of your bag, the tube is strong. They have 18 shades to choose from – not bad considering the formulas are meant to adjust with your skin tone and they do have a range from light to dark shades, cool to warm tones.

I like this product, but I am not obsessed like I am with the mascara. I may repurchase when it runs out, but that's only if something new and shiny or well-rated by someone I respect doesn't show up beforehand.

Thrive Causemetics Review of the Brilliant Eye Brightener

I'm not fully on the highlighter train. I don't want the tip of my nose to glow like Rudolph (or Ariana) and I think it can make my over-40 skin look older. I do occasionally use this highlighter a bit on cheeks under my foundation and swear by this blurring/tinted moisturizer/luminizer but that's it.

So the Brilliant Eye Brightener didn't appeal to me until my friend Tammy said she loves it. And there are so many reviews from women over 40 stating it was a gamechanger. So my next order I bought it to get to free shipping. I ordered Stella (Champagne Shimmer).

Thrive Causemetics Review: What Are The Best Products? - Wardrobe Oxygen (4)

Yeah, I still don't get it. Maybe I need an application tutorial? I will dab it in the inner corners of my eyes, under my brow bone, along my waterline and… eh. It clumps a bit, I blend it so it's not clumpy and it's nearly invisible. I've dabbled a bit but I just don't know if I am the right customer for this product. If you use it and love it, can you share in the comments how you use it? Because right now it just collects dust in my dressing table drawer.

Thrive Causemetics Review of the Headliner Lipstick

When I bought the mascara the first time, I needed something else to get to free shipping and decided to try their lipstick. It was winter and their ‘Emii' (a plum mauve) looked like a nice color for the season. Well now I own two of this lipstick, one for my dressing table and one for my purse. It has replaced NARS ‘Pigalle' as my everyday color. ‘Pigalle' is fantastic, but it's matte and lately, I want a bit of shine on my lips to make them look fuller and more hydrated.

This lipstick has a similar cool neutralized “your lips but better” color but a hint darker, a hint more plum, with a bit of shine and a very subtle luster. The case is magnetized so the cap stays on even when it falls to the bottom of your bag. The formula isn't long-lasting or super hydrating but a classic lipstick that will not disappear after a cup of coffee and won't make your lips feel dry.

Thrive Causemetics Review: What Are The Best Products? - Wardrobe Oxygen (5)

Since I liked ‘Emii' so much I ordered ‘Ilene' which is a pink taupe. Not my thing, it's too coraly-pinky. But I like this formula so much I would try another color in the future.

Thrive Causemetics Review of the Lip Filler Long Wearing + Plumping Lipliner

I bought this with the gloss (below) because summer is coming and a glossy lip and flushed cheeks are my summer uniform and I wondered if Thrive Causemetics would be a good replacement for my long-time use of Wet n' Wild 666 and my latest love, Fenty Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow.

I went with ‘Jesse' in the lip pencil, described as a pale rose ginger. It is exactly the same color as my lips. I could fill half of one lip with it and you seriously can't tell the difference. So this is great for when you don't want your lipcolor to bleed but not great if you're using it to create color on your lips.

Thrive Causemetics Review: What Are The Best Products? - Wardrobe Oxygen (6)

It glides on easily, it feels nice, it's a quality lipliner. It's not anything revolutionary in regard to lasting or plumping or hydrating or all the other lip product gimmicks. It says it plumps but I haven't experienced it. It's $20… if it's a perfect color for you I think it could be worth it for the good packaging, how it feels, and how it's not made with crap ingredients… I just am not a big lip liner person anyway and this hasn't turned me into a lipliner convert.

Thrive Causemetics Review of the Glossy Lip Hydrating Serum

I bought the ‘Ruth' (taupe shimmer) in this product wondering if it would be a dupe for Fenty Gloss Bomb which I use regularly on its own and over lipsticks (it's great over everything from ‘Pigalle' to bright reds). This is not the same kind of product. This is not a traditional lipgloss. It's truly more of a serum, it is not as sticky and more hydrating. It doesn't dry to a matte, it stays glossy and serum-like on your lips.

And because of this, it won't last an entire day, but it wears away gently leaving a soft balm finish on your lips. I tried it over a lip fully filled with the lip liner, on its own, and over lipstick. I personally like the formula, especially for summer. Hydrating, glossy, but not sticky and heavy. It makes thinning lips look fuller and I didn't experience bleeding.

I found the longest staying power by putting the product over lips fully filled in with a liner. Apply, wait a minute, put another layer over it. This seems to make it adhere best and longest.

Thrive Causemetics Review: What Are The Best Products? - Wardrobe Oxygen (7)

The only issue is again, ‘Ruth' is exactly the same color as my lips. I put it on and it looks as though I just applied Carmex. Glossy, but zero tint change. Over other lipcolors, it will give the same shine and provide a nude-ish tint (makes reds look a bit more coral, pinks look less candy, etc.) but I'm not really looking for that. I find Fenty Gloss Bomb provides more of a color difference and far more shine and shimmer. I plan to try this in a brighter or deeper color as I think this is a product I'll love if it's the right shade.

Thrive Causemetics Review Summary

While I have purchased some products that weren't the best for me, I do find overall that Thrive Causemetics are high-quality products in high-quality packaging and worth their pricepoints. The customer reviews on the site are really helpful but what is also helpful is the company's easy and generous exchange policy.

As I run out of products, I am likely to first go to Thrive Causemetics to see if they have a replacement, knowing what I will receive will be pretty good stuff. A few have asked about the eyeliner; I don't plan to order that as I don't wear pencil eyeliner. However, when I run out of my current stuff I plan to try their brow products.

Have you tried Thrive Causemetics? Any products I should try? Any products you didn't like? Do share in the comments!

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