Tanya and Shaq look loved-up as they enjoy birthday dinner out (2023)

Love Island's stars Tanya Manhenga and Shaq Muhammad put on a smitten display as they were spotted leaving STK in Westminster on Friday, hours after a third couple from the 2023 series called it quits.

The lovebirds celebrated Shaq's 25th birthday with a group of close friends by enjoying aswanky dinner.

The duo looked as smitten than ever and full of giggles, and they didn't hesitate to play for the cameras while exiting the lavish restaurant.


They both appeared in great spirits as Shaq lifted his girlfriend Tanya, 23, in his arms to carry her out of STK.

The reality stars walked hand in hand while heading to the car as they had plenty to smile about after the celebrations.

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Tanya cut a stylish figure in a white bodycon midi dress, featuring a racy thigh-split as she showcased her enviable physique.

She looked stunning as she gave herself some extra inches with silver open-toe heels andcarried the essentials in a black studded bag.

The beauty donned a dainty necklace and applied a flawless palette of make-up.

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She styled her raven tresses loose with a side parting and baby hair on her forehead, contrasting the bright white of her dress.

Birthday-boy Shaq looked dapper in a total black ensemble and white trainers.

The couple found fame on the hit ITV2 series Love Island this winter and made it to the grand final.

Just two weeks after the series ended, threecouples have already split- but Tanya and Shaq proved to be going stronger than ever.

Earlier on Friday it was revealed thatOlivia Hawkins and Maxwell Samuda have reportedly become the third couple to break-up just weeks after leaving the villa.

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The ring girl, 27, and the finance student, 23, are said to have gone their separate ways after 'naturally drifting apart' since returning to the UK.

It comes after Casey O'Gorman and Rosie Seabrook were the first couple from the 2023 winter series to split up as they separated just days after leaving the villa.


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Olivia and Maxwell reportedly had a conversation about their relationship on Thursday and decided to split up, but remain on 'good terms'.

A source told The Sun:'Although it was rumoured they'd already split they only had a proper chat about where their relationship was going yesterday, and they both agreed the writing was on the wall.

'They had fun while it lasted, and there are no hard feelings at all, but he obviously went to Mexico, and Olivia has been focusing on work projects. They have naturally drifted apart.'

MailOnline has contacted ITV and Olivia's representatives for comment.

The couple were dumped from the South African villa shortly before the grand final and left the show as a couple, later appearing together on the reunion show.

Meanwhile Casey O'Gorman and Rosie Seabrook were also dumped from the villa just days before the final - which saw Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan win the 50k prize.

Two weeks later they announced they had split, revealing that 'life outside the villa is just very different for them'.

And they weren't the only couple struggling to adjust to life away from the show, as Zara Lackenby-Brown and Jordan Odofin also confirmed they have split.

It comes after things got heated on the Love Island reunion show after Martin apologised to Shaq for X-rated comments he made about his girlfriend, Tanya.

The trio found themselves in a love triangle while on the ITV show, after Tanya returned back from Casa Amor with Martin on her arm.


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But as time went on, Tanya realised her heart lied with Shaq, coming back to him and finishing the show in fourth place.

But taking to the sofa for questioning from host Maya Jama during the reunion special, Shaq confronted Martin about comments he had made since leaving the South African villa.

Speaking on Reality with Will Njobvu, Martin had shared an x-rated remark which he claimed led to Shaq breaking down on Movie Night.

Shaq started: 'I think for me, I want to I want to know why you (Martin) came out of the show and started talking on podcasts saying you would sleep with Tanya in ways you can't imagine.

'Because one - that did not happen and two if that's how you choose to speak about women, that's up to you. But it's disgusting.'

Taken aback by his question, Martin replied: 'Okay, fair enough. That's fair enough. But if you watch the podcast you'd know that's not what happened.

'But, but what I will say is, I didn't expect you to, you know, say that's what happened or whatever.

'But I will say, yeah I crossed the line there. You know, I shouldn't have said that. So I apologise to Tanya, mostly because we never acknowledged what was talked about.'

'But did you say it though?' Shaq replied.

Martin said: 'Yeah I did - I was saying it in reference to what happened.'

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'Because where did I say that?' Shaq hit back.

Martin confirmed: 'You were there. I don't want to call out the boys but..'


Maya Jama then quickly jumped in: 'Nah you know what it's time to call out.'

Martin continued: 'OK - Max was there, Kai was there but I'm not sure if he was listening, I don't remember.

'I only said four things to you that day - if you remember. On movie night. You made a comment which was low and I tried to hit back. But it was low.'

Jumping in, Tanya said: 'Well, I mean, it would have been really nice if you apologised directly and didn't say it on the podcast in the first place.'

Martin said back: 'Well - you've not been out. This my first time seeing you now.'

Finishing the back-and-forth, Shaq said: 'I just want to clarify that you didn't say that and the reason why I was upset on Movie Night was because I was upset about the whole environment and I was missing home.'

'So sorry we've got to move on just because time is live but thank you so much for joining us. We can discuss this off camera later', Maya concluded.

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