Summer Bay, Captain Wild Bill, New Boat Deadliest Catch Boat, Was At Pacific Fishermen Shipyard in Seattle, Now In Bering Sea, Alaska (2023)

Summer Bay, Wild Bill, Deadliest Catch Season 13, New Boat, NW Ship Canal Pots Loaded

Summer Bay, on Deadliest Catch – is Wild Bill’s newest boat as of summer of 2016. F/V Summer Bay was featured on season 13 of Deadliest Catch – and ya’ll will see the boat in the 2018 of season 14. Summer of 2016 after Wild Bill purchased the crab boat she spent the end of the summer getting work done in Ballard, WA at Pacific Fishermen Shipyard. Summer Bay was seen buzzing around the Seattle Ship Canal, loading pots at Fishermen’s Terminal then on her way westbound for drop at the Ballard Locks into the Puget Sound and Shilshole Bay to then run up hill to Alaska’s Bering Sea to catch crab for the fall and winter season.

Wild Bill, Summer Bay, Deadliest Catch Season 13, New Boat This Season NW Ship Canal, was at Pacific Fishermen Shipyard, Pot Loading Running Up to the Bering Sea AK

(Video) Sig Hansen and Pacific Fishermen Shipyard

The Summer Bay got her new name and paint job, the Bering Sea Deadliest Catch crab boat has a great statement, motto painted in the sides of the wheel outside it reads, “Attitude Makes A Difference” Summer Bay leads the fleet with positive words of encouragement, for these extra salty guys with sometimes…. some of the worst manners known to man or woman, may God make this saying work for Summer Bay these next fishing seasons ahead, with many extra snotty storms that shall rock the crab grounds.

Summer Bay, Deadliest Catch New Wild Bill AK Crab Boat., Salty Dog Lab Lookout in the Ship Canal

Wild Bill Wichrowski scuttlebutt on the waterfront is he is the newest Grundens Embassador to outdoor gear as of 2016, word has it. In 1975 Wild Bill graduated from Norwin High School, to then join the US Navy and moved to the west coast of the USA. Alaska’s big money and big seasons of fishing brought him uphill to Alaska to become a King Crab fishermen on the Bering Sea. He chose an extra challenging crab season to be a boat owner, if only fishermen had a crystal ball to see their fishing season future, this season makes for many challenges, the lives lost on the crab boat F/V Destination and her 6 man crew, crab that is freaking extra hard to find and the Bering Sea per usual massive storms and ice building up on the boats that threatens mankind, the boats, as mother nature builds her way to destruction as sea.

F/V Destination, Sank Crab Boat Bering Sea AK, Photo By Salty Dog Boating News
Cornelia Marie Captain Casey McManus, Josh Harris took a season off: Deadliest Catch, Seattle Shipyard, PNW, Photography By: Salty Dog Boating News, Salty Dog Maritime Marketing, The Pacific Northwest to Alaska Marine Traffic Underway Pulse, Salty Dog Lab Lookout On The Move!
Destination, AK Crab Boat Sank 6 man Crew, Photo By: Salty Dog Boating News

F/V Summer Bay is formally known as F/V Wassilie B. once in the fleet of ‘Coastal Villages’ – the winter of February 2017 was the first season Wild Bill fished the Summer Bay as a boat owner after 2016 King Crab season; the same season in Feb. 2017 – where F/V Destination sank into the Bering Sea. The entire fleet and fishing community mornes the loss of the great men of the Destination; it shook all of us, I will miss seeing the F/V Destination buzz around the Ship Canal; God Bless our Fishermen and their families at sea and on land. In Season 14 of the Deadliest Catch the boats features on the Discovery TV Show did an at sea tribute to the F/V Destination and the 6 men who perished into the sea off St. George Island in Alaska.

(Video) Deadliest Catch - Get the F*** Down!

Summer Bay, Wild Bill, Deadliest Catch Season 13, New Boat Saying, Attitude Makes The Difference” Ship Canal End of Summer running up hill to AK Bering Sea for King Crab Season! God Bless our Fishermen!

Summer Bay is a good looking boat, we hope all fishermen have fun this season and many more, and be safe, may Summer Bay lead by great fishing examples with less yelling from the wheelhouse, just don’t piss of the captain, ‘try, try, try again, crew – when you still don’t get it… do what the Captain said to do the 1st time!!! Good luck guys, God Bless!

Summer Bay, Deadliest Catch Season 13, Wild Bill’s New Crab Boat, leaving Seattle, to the Ballard Locks for a drop, now running up hill to the Bering Sea, AK

(Video) Raging Seas Pull Man Overboard Into Freezing Water | Deadliest Catch

F/V Summer Bay, Original Photography By: Salty Dog Boating News, Salty Dog Maritime Marketing, Salty Sea Gal, Inquiries:boating@saltydogfishingnews.comSalty Dog Marine Traffic Source Pacific Northwest to Alaska Up & Down Hill. God Bless our fishermen & their families! R.I.P. F/V Destination Crab Boat and the 6 men taken into and by the Bering Sea in Feb. 2017! (My phone blew up on Feb. 11th, a harsh winter day most of us will never forget!)

F/V Summer Bay, Deadliest Catch, Formally known as F/V Wassilie B. of Coastal Villages, Pacific Fishermen Shipyard is home to most of the Coastal Villages Fishing Fleet, Photography By: Salty Dog Boating News, Salty Dog Maritime Marketing, The Pacific Northwest to Alaska Marine Traffic Underway Pulse PNW to AK

Summer Bay, was formally known as a Coastal Village boat F/V Wassilie B. per usual the Coastal Villages fleets spends most of there shipyard time and work done at Pacific Fishermen Shipyard, the seasoned craftsmen of Pac. Fish Shipyard were no stranger to the Wassilie B, naturally for Captain Wild Bill to give his new boat a shave and a haircut at Pac. Fish a staple of a home to the boat in the lower 48 only made since.

Summer Bay, Captain Wild Bill, New Boat Deadliest Catch Boat, Was At Pacific Fishermen Shipyard in Seattle, Now In Bering Sea, Alaska (10)

(Video) Where is Zack Larson, Zack is now the CAPTAIN.

Salty Dog Boating News, Marine Traffic Commercial Fishing & Workboat Source – Pacific Northwest to Alaska!

F/V Summer Bay has not made her way back down to the WA Ship Canal since Wild Bill purchased the boat; surely we do expect to see her one of these upcoming off seasons for shipyard work and repairs – we shall see her again in her former home port waters of the Pacific Northwest.

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F/V Northwestern, F/V Wizard, Deadliest Catch AK Crabbers, Pacific Fishermen Shipyard
F/V Wizard, Deadliest Catch, Salty Dog Lab Lookout, yep this lab has been up in her wheelhouse…
F/V Saga, Deadliest Catch, AK Crabber Fishermen’s Terminal, some beat up paint…

F/V Time Bandit, Deadliest Catch, Fishermen’s Terminal, then Northlake Shipyard
F/V Brenna A. Capt. Sean Dwyer & Crew, Deadliest Catch, Loading Pots for the uphill AK Run
F/V Cornelia Marie, Season 13 Deadliest Catch, Josh, Casey & Crew will be missed… yep still gone fishin!

F/V Destination, AK Crab Boat Sank Feb. 2017, NOAA Ships and USCG located the boat 250 ft. under water of St. George Island where the 6 man crew went down with the boat. Photography By: Salty Dog Boating News, Salty Dog Maritime Marketing, The Pacific Northwest to Alaska Marine Traffic Underway Pulse, Salty Dog Lab Lookout On The Move!

(Video) F/V Summer Bay

RIP F/V Destination:The local Seattle WA Ship Canal Crab Boat was discovered sunk in about 250 feet of water just northwest of St. George Island, Alaska, according to the Coast Guard. NOAA ships have been surveying the area with sonar. God Bless the 6 men lost into the Bering Sea and their families; especially their children. God Bless ‘ALL Alaska Bering Sea’ Crabbers!




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