Our Thrive Causemetics Review (2023)

If you go on the internet these days, we are inundated with beauty products, skin care, makeup, the whole lot. Adverts, makeup tutorials, new brands, celebrity tips, and so on.

What is really sought after these days is a makeup and cosmetics brand that is cruelty-free, vegan, and is not damaging to the environment, animals, or people.

That seems to be the goal of Thrive Causemetics, they are a unique brand that wraps all of the above into one, while giving you that glam look you always dreamt of.

So, today, we are going to look into this brand, take a look at their history, their products, and let you know if they are really worth all that.

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Who Are Thrive Causemetics?

Thrive Causemetics is one of the most exciting makeup and skincare brands on the market. They create products that are both vegan and cruelty free while also ensuring that a portion of their profits go towards helping support women and making sure that they thrive.

With every product that is sold, Thrive Causemetics donates a portion of the proceeds to help women who need support whether you choose from their range of bright colored eye pencils or their bestselling mascara.

The company has accumulated a massive social media presence and boasts over 500k followers on their Instagram alone.

They have also been featured on various media platforms both online and in print, appearing on the pages of publications such as MarieClaire and Forbes to name a few.

Aside from this, their products have also won a slew of awards which includes an Allure Best of Beauty award and a Glamour Best Clean Beauty Product award which were both won in 2020.

In this guide, we’ll be taking you through Thrive Causemetics and give you lots of insight into the brand itself as well as their products and how the public has responded to their selection.

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to determine whether or not this brand is for you.

Why you should trust us

Our team has spent over 15 hours extensively testing and researching the best wellness products, including Thrive Causemetics. Our goal is to find the best brands who care about your well-being and help people live better lives. We evaluate beauty products based on their quality, effectiveness and customer support.

We often ask ourselves a simple question: would we buy the product for ourselves and recommend it to our family and friends? This review is medically reviewed and thoroughly vetted by Zoey Low, our in-house dermatologist, wellness expert and product tester herself!

Thrive Causemetics Summary

Now that we have spent some time looking over exactly who Thrive Causemetics are, and what they are all about, we will take a look at some of their makeup and their skincare products, so that you can find out if these products are like the kind of thing that you are looking for.

Your next makeup bag addition could be in this product lineup.

Thrive Causemetics was founded by Karissa Bonder who wanted to start a business where she could empower women after losing her best friend Kristy to cancer when she was 24.

Having an affinity for beauty, Bonder worked as a makeup artist previously and knew that a beauty brand would be the perfect way to pay tribute to her friend.

Starting the business in 2015, Thrive Causemetics has grown exponentially and offers an array of different products which includes their bestseller, the Thrive Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara.

With a motto that states “Bigger than Beauty”, empowerment is at the heart of the Thrive Causemetics brand and shows that they do a lot more than just selling makeup and skincare.

The way that this is done is by donating a portion of their proceeds to help women in need and ensure that they can “thrive” in their life.

Another huge positive aspect of their products is that there are no parabens or sulfates and all ingredients used are cruelty free and vegan so they are also environmentally and socially ethical.

So how has Thrive Causemetics applied their ethics in the modern day? When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the company established a $1 million relief fund and donated $500k worth of makeup and skincare products for frontline workers.

When it comes to developing new products, Bonder and her team ensure that there is complete involvement through each stage of the process from initial brainstorming all the way through to formulation and packaging.

They also value customer input at various points of the creative process so they can always release products that their fanbase actually want.

Customers are usually asked for their opinions when it comes to deciding what colors will be released for new products and other similar tasks.

Every product is designed and released from the company’s headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

For those who want a brief overview of the pros and cons that come with purchasing from Thrive Causemetics, we’ve gathered the important facts that you need to know.

Here are the advantages of buying from Thrive Causemetics:

  • They sell a wide range of makeup and skincare with both single products and sets available.
  • All products are made using ingredients that are cruelty free and vegan.
  • All products boast formulas that are free from any parabens or sulfates.
  • With every product sold, Thrive Causemetics will donate proceeds of the profit for women in need.
  • They have a rewards scheme in place where you can earn a point with each $1 you spend on your products which will eventually give you free products down the line.

On the other hand, here are the disadvantages of buying from Thrive Causemetics:

  • Negative customer reviews have complained about the high price points as well as some products that have not given the results they should.

Product Reviews

Here is the section of our review where we look over some of the products sold by Thrive Causemetics.

We already know they are charitable, but are their products also good quality, and the kind of thing that you want to have in your makeup bag, as part of your beauty routine?

Let’s see, shall we?

The Thrive Lip Liner

Despite how their mascara launched them into becoming notorious, the Thrive makeup line also offers a fantastic variety of lip products.

Whether you are looking to add some hydration to your lips, some gloss, or give your lips a more natural plumping effect, this company has you covered in every area with all of their innovative formulations.

These are some of the brand’s most popular formulas for lips, they are sold either individually or in a pack of two.

Thrive Causemetics Lip Filler, Long-Wearing and Plumping Lip Liner

Every modern woman loves a multi-use product. This Thrive Causemetics lip filler long-wearing and plumping lip liner takes the place of what would otherwise be three products, that plump, line, and prime your lips.

It is suitable whether you are heading into an important meeting, or freshening up halfway through a date. It slips snugly into your back pocket, or your purse.

When it gets dull, you can easily refine the tip with the built-in sharpener. It is formulated with two trademarked technologies.

  • Semi-permanent micropigment technology, which provides a full-coverage, long-lasting, and non-bleeding color.
  • Revitalizing lip quench technology, which hydrates and primes the lips.

They have eight colors to choose from, all the way from pinks to seductive reds, essential nudes for those formal occasions, and they work on a variety of skin tones. Each product is 0.012 oz and is available for $20.

Shop Thrive Causemetics

Thrive Causemetics Lip Liner Set

If you are a bit stuck on which color is best for you, then you can always treat yourself to two.

When you get the lip liner set, you can grab two new shades of the brand’s top-selling lip filler, long-wearing and plumping lip liner, or you can just stock up on your favorite colors. Whichever you choose to do, there are still eight color options available.

Much like the single liners, it has creamy long-wearing formulas that smooth and prepare your lips for any product that you follow up with, or you can wear it on its own for a vibrant and matte aesthetic.

In addition to the plumping and pigmented technologies, this is a liner that also includes ingredients such as shea butter, a jojoba oil for hydrated and healthy lips.

Whereas you could buy one for $20, you can buy the duo set for $30, saving yourself $10 in the process!

The Thrive Mascara

As we have previously mentioned, Thrive Causemetics sells a wide range of products but their bestseller comes in the form of their eye makeup.

Thanks to their innovative formulas, they sell a variety of different eyeliners, mascaras and brow gels among many more.

With each product remaining free of sulfates, synthetic fragrances, phthalates and parabens, you can be assured that these products will be sensitive on the skin.

Here are our reviews of the bestselling Thrive Causemetics eye makeup products:

Thrive Causemetics Infinity Waterproof Eyeliner

The first product we’ll be looking at is the bestselling Infinity Waterproof Eyeliner which boasts a two in one design thanks to the versatile use. The perfect choice for those who want to create a flawless smokey eye, this eyeliner is easy to apply and dries quickly.

Simply use the pen to draw a line then use the sponge at the other end of the eyeliner to blend it in with your eyeshadow for that smokey appearance.

Once it has dried, the eyeliner will sit in place all day and the waterproof formula means you don’t have to worry about any rain getting into contact with your eyes.

Available in seven different colors, this eyeliner is constructed from a semi permanent Micropigment formula which means that the pigments in the color are incredibly strong and easy to build and layer upon.

There is a mechanism built into the eyeliner which allows you to sharpen the pen should it become dull.

With ingredients including jojoba oil and shea butter, this product is less likely to cause irritation to your eyes and is available to purchase for $22.

Shop Thrive Causemetics

Thrive Causemetics Brilliant Eye Brightener

For those who want a product that cares for the area surrounding the eye then this is definitely the product for you.

The Brilliant Eye Brightener is made using Ring Light Technology to help provide a glow around the eye meaning that you can cover up any signs of sleeplessness or partying.

This brightener is unique as the formula is a cream to powder application meaning that it is easy to apply and the ingredients including Vitamin E and meadowfoam seed oil means that there is plenty of hydration applied to the skin.

What is wonderful about this product is that there is a choice of ten differently colored shimmers for you to choose from so you can choose whether to give a natural looking glow or something more colorful.

This product costs $24 and comes with its own sharpener that is built into the structure.

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Thrive Causemetics Brilliant Eye Brightener Set

If you want to try out more shades of the Brilliant Eye Brightener then you are in look at Thrive Causemetics offers a set of two where you can choose any two shades from the ten available whilst also saving money.

Sold at a total cost of $40 for the set, you save a total of $8 buying a set of two rather than buying two products separately.

The best way to take advantage of this set is by choosing a natural looking shade and then a more colorful shade that injects a bit of fun into your makeup.

That way, you’ll be able to experiment and play with your makeup.

Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara

Now we’re onto the bestselling product that Thrive Causemetics sells. The Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara is the perfect mascara for those who want perfectly long looking lashes without any clumps.

Retailing for $24, this mascara is sold in two different shades with black and dark brown being the options available.

What makes this mascara so different from others is the incorporation of two unique technologies.

The first of these is the Orchid Stem Cell Complex which results in your lashes being exposed to a variety of nutrients that help them to become fuller and longer. The second is the Flake Free Tubing Technology which extends the overall length of the lash.

When applying the mascara, simply move the brush from the root of the lash to the tip so you can make the most of the volume. What this does is prevent any smudges or clumps and creates a lash that looks completely natural and not overworked.

With ingredients that include shea butter and Vitamin B5, this mascara provides plenty of strength, hydration and conditioning for your lashes.

Shop Thrive Causemetics

Thrive Causemetics Mascara Set

For those who love to wear mascara religiously then you can save some money and purchase a set of two mascaras.

You can choose to have one of each shade or have two of the same shade so you can make the most of your regular makeup regime and not worry about running out.

This set retails for $46 whereas it would cost $48 to buy them separately meaning you save $2 overall.

Shop Thrive Causemetics

Thrive Causemetics Lash Curler + Mascara Set

If purchasing mascara simply isn’t enough for you and you want to boast beautifully luscious and curved lashes then this is the perfect solution for you.

This set includes a Lash Curler and Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara in either shade so you can make the most of having lashes that look like they have been fully extended.

This set retails for $39 and is perfect as you don’t have to purchase any additional lash curlers after this one.

Thrive Causemetics Smart Microdermabrasion 2-in-1 Instant Facial

Thrive Causemetics don’t just sell makeup, they also have a wide range of skincare products to help enhance the hydration and condition of your skin.

The Smart Microdermabrasion 2-in-1 Instant Facial provides a luxurious spa treatment feeling as it helps to rid your face from any dead cells as well as clearing out your pores.

Incorporating micro exfoliant technology, this facial has tiny beads that will rid the face of any impurities which are then washed away with the mask.

Featuring ingredients such as Vitamin E and vegan squalane, this facial will provide plenty of hydration and moisture to your skin whilst providing protection.

This facial has been met with plenty of acclaim from customers as well as surveys that have been done as it is 100% guaranteed to provide smoother skin and 86% chance of providing a glow to the complexion. This facial retails for $44.

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Is Thrive Causemetics Actually Worth It?

Based on everything we have looked at today, we can safely say that these products are definitely worth buying. Customers seem to love that the collection is clean, vegan, and safe for sensitive skin. They are also easy to use and will last all day.

However, what the customers seem to love the most about Thrive Causemetics is how the company helps women thrive.

Their products are not only designed to make you feel beautiful inside and out, but they also help to donate money to frontline workers during hard times, and to help women who are struggling.

They are very transparent about where it is that your money goes, listing exactly what causes they are currently supporting.

Though negative Thrive Causemetics reviews were dissatisfied with the pricing of their products, it is very important to remember that this brand is doing something that very few cosmetic companies actually do, which is support other women with every purchase.

So, not only are you buying the latest additions to your makeup bag, but you are also helping a struggling woman in the process as well.

While their prices may be higher than other companies, with Thrive Causemetics, you at least know where it is that your money is going, and you know it is going to help others, and not just going into a corporate machine where it will churn into some wealthy person’s pocket.

What Other Customers Are Saying About Thrive

In this section, we’ll be delving into different customer reviews so you can get a better understanding of how real customers have reacted to the products.

However, before we do this, here are the overall scores that various products have received on Thrive Causemetics’ website:

  • Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara

The Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara has received over 4.4 out of 5 from over 15,000 reviews and ratings.

  • Infinity Waterproof Eyeliner

The Infinity Waterproof Eyeliner has received 4.3 out of 5 from over 14,000 reviews and ratings.

  • Lip Filler Long-Wearing and Plumping Lip Liner

The Lip Filler Long-Wearing and Plumping Lip Liner has received 4.3 out of 5 from over 500 reviews and ratings.

  • Brilliant Eye Brightener

The Brilliant Eye Brightener has received 4.2 out of 5 from over 3,000 reviews and ratings.

Here are just some of the reviews that customers have left on the Thrive Causemetics’ website:

“Love the creamy texture, it makes application so smooth and filling in easy. A very satisfying product.”

“This eyeliner is gorgeous! It goes on so easily; it looks beautiful and so flattering; it lasts all day; it comes off easily; and it doesn’t irritate my extremely sensitive eyes in the least. This eyeliner, along with the mascara, are my new holy grail products.”

Of course, it is key to remember here that nowhere in makeup is there a one-fits-all approach. Everyone will have different opinions and different tastes, so there will always be a few negative comments when it comes to absolutely any products.

However, the vast majority of users seem to love and recommend the products that they have purchased from Thrive Causemetics.

Thrive discounts

Thrive Causemetics is running an offer now on their website where you will receive a makeup bag with any purchase. There aren’t any other offers running on the website right now but be sure to sign up to their online newsletter where they will update you with any coupon codes.

A great scheme that Thrive Causemetics do run is a rewards scheme that allows you to accumulate points every time you make a purchase. With every $1 you spend, you’ll receive 1 point and on your birthday, you’ll receive 1,000 points which can be used for discounts on a variety of products.

As well as this, they also run a Refer a Friend scheme where you will receive $10 worth of points per referral and your friend will get $10 off when they spend over $50.

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