'Deadliest Catch' Star Josh Harris Previews His New Spinoff 'Bloodline' (2023)

Deadliest Catch fans will always root for Josh Harris. And now, that good will extends beyond the Bering Sea.

In the new spinoff Deadliest Catch: Bloodline, premiering Tuesday, Josh heads to Hawaii’s Kona Coast with newly discovered fishing charts annotated by his beloved dad, the late Capt. Phil Harris, in the 1980s. Together with business partner Casey McManus, Josh investigates the old man’s scribbled tips on where to reel in ahi tuna—worth roughly $2,000 a pop—and, of course, the best places to grab a drink on the island.

Below, he tells us more.


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Here's What It's Really Like to Join the 'Deadliest Catch' Crew at Sea

It was about this time last year when you discovered these charts tucked away in your dad’s stateroom on the Cornelia Marie as you were remodeling the boat. How soon did you think, “I need to figure out what his dream was, and it needs to be a show?”

Josh Harris: There were like 50 or 60 different charts in there. There were three of Hawaii that had a lot of markings on them. We started talking to some of the network people: “It would be kind of crazy to go test this out. Maybe we could do a special or something on this.” As things started unfolding, it was like, “This would be a really good spinoff show.” It was definitely a learning experience, trying to figure out why he went over there. I think I got a pretty good idea of what the old man was up to.

You and Casey team up with local commercial fisherman Jeff Silva, who’s understandably both curious what a legend like Phil found in his waters and skeptical of outsiders. Was it a hard sell to get him involved?

We used our charm. [Laughs] He’s the best of the best over there. He’s one of the top dogs. And it was like, “Hey, man. Maybe you’d be interested in helping us out. Teach us the ropes, because it is definitely harder catching fish than it is crab.” He wasn’t exactly tickled pink at the beginning, but after we started getting at it and working together every day, he was pretty excited to see what was going to happen too.

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Deadliest Catch (Discovery Channel)

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You were there for about three months. What were the biggest challenges?

Pretty much everything. Learning about rods and reels, learning about the different types of fishing line. All the different species of fish. I mean, I still can’t pronounce the state fish [the Humuhumunukunukuapua`a]. And it’s dangerous out there. You got sharks. You got, of course, bad weather. It’s not like the weather we see up in Alaska, but we’re on a boat that’s 19 foot long [in Hawaii]. If you fall overboard, you got a lot of stuff that can eat you in the water.

Did you encounter sharks?

I can’t tell you too much, but yeah. We had a situation with a shark. We had a situation with a whale shark. I’ve never seen fish that big. I mean, at a certain point I looked at Casey [and said], “We need a bigger boat, dude.” Because those fish out there are absolutely bonkers.

So there’s so much to learn. Learning about the people and respecting the culture was a really big deal. Like, you can’t just lob into any place you want to, because there’s certain places that are restricted due to sacred ground or stuff like that. Trying to get the other fishermen to be cool with us so they didn’t sink our boat. Because sometimes, if you don’t belong fishin’ out there they ain’t gonna let you fish.

The only thing I have to compare it to is that surfing movie Blue Crush, where there are spots the locals don’t want the tourists to know about.

Yeah. They get really territorial out there. At least in the Bering Sea it’s like, [if] they don’t like you out there, they’ll just pot you down [setting gear right next to yours]. This place, they’ll sink your boat or pop your tires on your trailer. There’s a lot of stuff that they can do to you. They are a band of brothers, and they stick together quite well.

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Did you have anything happen to you?

Not yet! So I feel really good about that. Everyone was pretty cool. We were really respectful. We just did what we needed to do, and always [said] “please” and “thank you” and gave back to the community.

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Deadliest Catch (Discovery Channel)

I know fellow Catch favorite Johnathan Hillstrand comes to Hawaii. What’s he doing there?

You know what, I was asking the same question! Him and my dad were cut from the same cloth. So it only seems right to have Jonathan pop over, maybe throw his two cents in on what he thought my dad could have been getting into and why. Anywhere you take Johnathan, it’s always an adventure.

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On the charts, one of your dad’s notes says “lots of great bars.” Did you get to meet people who had crossed paths with him? How did they remember him?

We did go out and experience the nightlife. And we ran into a fella who actually had a shirt or something signed on the wall in his office from when my dad was there last. The guy said he was going to give me the shirt, too, and I was like, “No, you can keep it. I’ve got enough of my dad’s memorabilia. This is how I’d like to see it.”

So I got to hear the stories about my dad. I was really overtaken by it. I could see why my dad went there, and how the money can be made there. We’re probably going to look into this and keep this going. Between that and the crab seasons, it’s going to be a full year.


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Let’s talk about the new season of Deadliest Catch (also premiering Tuesday). It’s very much being billed as USA vs. Russia. I felt like the trailer should have been playing the Rocky IV training montage music. Explain the situation.

Our crab has always been of a much superior quality. Russia revamped their whole fishing industry, re-divvied out quota and changed the way that they process their crab so they get a better product that’s close to ours. So if we don’t get our crab in first, then they would be getting the top dollar. It was really scary on our end, because they have a lot of crab over there that they can catch and put into the market. We have to go not only faster, but just more efficiently. If the weather’s crappy, you still got to go out. We found ourselves fishing when probably we shouldn’t have been fishing in order to get that top dollar. So it was a big race. It’s something that will continue now, because if we get our crab in late, we’re gonna lose a couple dollars a pound. And that’s definitely not good, because every dollar counts.

Deadliest Catch returns Tuesday, April 14 at 8/7c on Discovery, followed by the premiere of the spinoff series Deadliest Catch: Bloodline at 10/9c


How much is Josh from Deadliest Catch worth? ›

Josh Harris is a billionaire that made his money in the business world thanks to having co-founded Apollo Global Management in 1990, with this being the main source of his net worth, which Forbes calculates at a minimum of $6 billion dollars.

Is there a new Deadliest Catch bloodline? ›

Bloodline was launched the same day as the season 16 premiere episode of Deadliest Catch. Discovery cancelled the series and removed all episodes from its Discovery+ streaming service in September 2022 after renewed attention was brought to a 1999 sexual assault case involving Harris.

Why isn t the Cornelia Marie on Deadliest Catch 2023? ›

In 2016, around the time Season 12 aired, Josh Harris opened up on Facebook about why the Cornelia Marie was removed from Deadliest Catch. At the time, he shared with fans that it was a decision made by Discovery and that they simply didn't have a camera crew aboard the vessel.

Is Deadliest Catch Bloodline coming back in 2023? ›

The latter followed two Deadliest Catch cast members – Josh Harris and Casey McManus – as they fished Hawaii's Kona Coast. But the show, which premiered in 2020, is no longer available to stream on discovery+ and likely won't return for season 4.

How much does Josh own of the Cornelia Marie? ›

(Jake and Josh) only own 25 percent of the boat, Cornelia (Marie Devlin) owns 75 percent. The Coast Guard has a zero-tolerance policy.

Why did Josh get fired from Deadliest Catch? ›

Josh Harris, who has appeared in nearly 200 episodes of the long-running reality series, was dropped from the show after disturbing sexual assault allegations against him surfaced. In 2022, reports began to circulate online that Harris had been accused of sexually abusing a 4-year-old child more than two decades ago.

Is Casey McManus still on the Cornelia Marie? ›

Former cast member Josh Harris does not appear in the new episodes. Nor does his one-time partner Captain Casey McManus of the F/V Cornelia Marie. Instead, McManus has taken a job that keeps him a bit closer to shore. The Cornelia Marie has been a fixture on Deadliest Catch since the show's earliest seasons.

How scripted is Deadliest Catch? ›

Deadliest Catch, one of the most thrilling reality series on TV, follows fishermen in the treacherous Bering Sea. But as it turns out, drama may not be as “real” as some viewers think. In a recent interview, star Linda Greenlaw confirmed that Deadliest Catch is “more scripted” than other reality fishing shows.

Who is the new girl on the saga on Deadliest Catch? ›

Joining Captain Jake Anderson on the F/V Saga is new captain in training, 23-year-old Sophia "Bob" Nielsen.

What is Josh Harris net worth? ›

Where is Josh Harris now? ›

Is there another Josh Harris in the NFL? The Los Angeles Chargers' long snapper is also named Josh Harris. He joined the team for the 2022 season after 10 years with the Atlanta Falcons. He was selected to the Pro Bowl in 2021.

What happened to the Kodiak on Deadliest Catch? ›

Two survivors were plucked from the water in the hours after the vessel sank by Coast Guard rescue crews. But five crew members were never found and presumed dead. Those included the ship's captain, Gary Cobban Jr. and his son David Cobban, both from Kodiak.

Does Time Bandit come back to Deadliest Catch? ›

As the fleet faces closure of the fishery, Sig lures legendary captain, Johnathan Hillstrand, out of retirement. Firing up his legendary vessel, F/V Time Bandit, the old pirate assembles a veteran crew to return to the Bering Sea.

Why did the deadliest catch end? ›

According to NOAA “our best available science indicates that the crash of the Bering Sea snow crab stock leading to the fishery closure was related to the 2019 heat wave in the North Pacific.

Who is on Deadliest Catch 2023? ›

Captain Sig Hansen and his daughter and co-captain, Mandy, return for this season with their ship F/V Northwestern, and so does Andy Hillstrand, with his brothers Johnathan and Neal, with the F/V Time Bandit. Captain Bill Wichrowski is also returning with the F/V Summer Bay, but the remaining cast is new.

Who is the richest captain on Deadliest Catch? ›

So, who's the richest captain on Deadliest Catch? Here's what to know. The richest captain in Deadliest Catch is season 19 star Sig Hansen, captain of F/V Northwestern. Sig has a reported net worth of $3.5 million and brings in an annual salary of $500,000 to $1,000,000.

Is Josh Harris a billionaire? ›

Billionaire Josh Harris Buying Washington Commanders For Record $6 Billion, Reports Say. Owner Dan Snyder agreed to sell the NFL franchise following widespread allegations of sexual harassment at the team.

Who owns the Time Bandit? ›

The F/V Time Bandit is a commercial crab fishing vessel co‑ by brothers Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand. It is featured on the Discovery Channel series Deadliest Catch. The Time Bandit is a 113-foot house aft boat owned by the Hillstrand brothers that was designed by the Hillstrands' father.

Is Jake still captain of the saga? ›

In 2012, Anderson was promoted to deck boss of the Northwestern, and later that year he obtained his USCG Mate 1600-ton license and Master 100-ton Captain's license. Since 2015, Anderson is captain of the crab fishing vessel Saga.

Is Sig Hansen's wife OK? ›

What does Josh Harris own? ›

Josh is the Founder and Managing General Partner of Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment (HBSE). In connection with the HBSE portfolio, he is the Managing Partner of the Philadelphia 76ers and the Co-Managing Partner, Vice Chairman, & Alternate Governor of the New Jersey Devils.

Who is the co owner of the Cornelia Marie? ›

His sons, Josh and Jake, took over after his passing, and attempted to earn enough money to buy the Cornelia Marie, but did not immediately succeed. Eventually, Josh and co-captain Casey purchased the boat, and continue to carry on Phil's legacy today.

Is Josh still running the Cornelia Marie? ›

But in a Facebook post today (Saturday, Sept. 14), Josh Harris revealed news that will disappoint many fans, writing: "So to all my fans that watched the show, Deadliest Catch, the Cornelia Marie was not optioned this year so we regretfully will not be on the show anymore.

What happened to Kyle on the Cornelia Marie? ›

He died on 2 June 2021 in Holmes County, Mississippi, USA.

How many cameramen are on each boat on Deadliest Catch? ›

In order to make sure everything is captured, each boat has at least four remote cameras attached to various parts of the vessel.

Did a boat on Deadliest Catch sink? ›

It was F/V Big Valley's captain, Gary Edwards, who demonstrated the EPIRB for the show. The boat was also part of the pilot episode of Deadliest Catch in 2004. There were no known cameras or production crew on board the boat when it sank in 2005.

Did Sig Hansen get hurt on Deadliest Catch? ›

He is an alumnus of Shorewood High School and a supporter of Seattle-based sports teams, the Seattle Seahawks and the Seattle Mariners. In March 2016, Hansen suffered a heart attack, which was recorded and shown on Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch. He returned to fishing the following season.

Who owns their own boat on Deadliest Catch? ›

To date the Northwestern is the only vessel to have featured on all 19 seasons of Deadliest Catch as well as the pilot series America's Deadliest Season. The vessel is owned and operated by the Hansen family of the state of Washington with Sig Hansen serving as the vessel's primary captain.

Who is Wild Bill's girlfriend on Deadliest Catch? ›

Meet Captain Bill Wichrowski's wife, Karen. It's unclear when Bill and his wife, Karen Gillis tied the knot. In fact, not much is known about Karen at all! Bill fathered three children — Zack, Jake, and a daughter, Delia — but has never disclosed details about their mom…

How did Jake get the saga? ›

Jake got his break in 2015, when he was offered the captain's chair on F/V Saga. Just two days after the birth of his first son, Aiden, Jake took command of the wheelhouse of the Saga and led the crew through a challenging—but successful—Opie season.

How did Josh Harris get so rich? ›

Upon graduation in 1990, Harris co-founded the private equity firm Apollo Global Management with former Drexel associates Leon Black and Marc Rowan and led its day-to-day operations until leaving in 2022 to focus on sports management. His net worth was estimated to be between $6–8 billion in June 2023.

How much is Josh Harris worth from the Cornelia Marie? ›

Josh Harris net worth: Josh Harris is an American fisherman and reality television personality who has a net worth of $800 thousand. Josh Harris is currently based in Alaska, and working as the Captain of the boat, the Cornelia Marie, which was owned by his late father, Phil Harris.

What is Josh Harris salary? ›

Josh Harris signed a 4 year, $5,600,000 contract with the Los Angeles Chargers, including a $800,000 signing bonus, $1,920,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $1,400,000. In 2023, Harris will earn a base salary of $1,165,000, while carrying a cap hit of $1,365,000 and a dead cap value of $600,000.

How much is Joshua Harris worth? ›

Who is the richest on Deadliest Catch? ›

Here's what to know. The richest captain in Deadliest Catch is season 19 star Sig Hansen, captain of F/V Northwestern. Sig has a reported net worth of $3.5 million and brings in an annual salary of $500,000 to $1,000,000.

Who has the most money in Houston? ›

Driving the news: Oil tycoon Jeffery Hildebrand, founder of Hilcorp, remains the richest Houstonian, with a net worth of $10.2 billion — an increase from $7.5 billion in 2022 — and is ranked No. 171 on the new Forbes World's Billionaires List.

What happened to Josh Harris wife? ›

In July 2019, Harris announced that he and his wife were separating due to "significant changes [that] have taken place in both of us". Subsequently, Harris revealed that he no longer considered himself a Christian and his wife began pursuing a career as a singer-songwriter under the name Shannon Bonne.

Who is the highest-paid long snapper in the NFL? ›

The new contract Joe Cardona agreed to Thursday is a four-year, $6.3 million deal, according to multiple reports. It makes Cardona the NFL's highest-paid long snapper and includes a $1 million signing bonus, the richest ever for a player at his position, per NFL Network's Tom Pelissero.

How much do they make on Deadliest Catch bloodline? ›

Their vessels are designed with heavy gears, crab pots, and other apparatus. It's like a mini floating factory that harbours and preserves the crabs until they reach their destination. The captains earn between $25,000 and $50,000 per episode. Their average annual salary is estimated at $200,000.

How many kids does Josh Harris have? ›

Harris Is The Father Of Five Children. Josh Harris kids are sons Thomas Harris, Stuart Harris, and Pierce Harris, and daughters Bridget Harris and Hannah Harris.

How much of the Steelers does Josh Harris own? ›

Harris has owned a stake in the Steelers of less than 5%, since 2020, when he and David Blitzer made a $140 million investment in the pro football franchise.


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